Retreat Testimonials

Here's what a few students have to say!

"I throughly enjoyed the weekend at Florence House. It was relaxing with a great bunch of yogis, tasty vegetarian food and the lovely sea views.  Lauren’s yoga was of course the highlight with her unique blend of both relaxation and challenge. I came home feeling healthy and happy.  The silent cliff top meditative walk on the Sunday morning was a particular highlight and opportunity to put mindfulness into practice in a beautiful setting.  I look forward to more retreats in the future!"

Claire Ashby (Consultant Arts & Cultural Sector), Wimbledon

I really, really enjoyed the retreat and thought you ran it beautifully. I wasn't quite sure what to expect or how I would find it but it exceeded all my expectations. It has made me feel revived, calmer and more centred. Thank you and well done - it was obvious that you had put in a lot of time in preparation and the whole weekend flowed really well. So a big thank you. 

Kate Jones (Physiotherapist), Wimbledon

"I loved the weekend. The yoga was wonderful - to be able to wake up and practise, in silence with the sun newly up in the fields outdoors, was magical. I really enjoyed the variety of sessions - from very relaxing, soothing yoga, to upbeat, energetic sessions which were more demanding. Always with brilliant music to match the pace and tone of the sessions - Lauren has a real knack of providing variety and stimulation, around familiar postures and sequences, and with superb playlists!

There was a mixture of people on the weekend, we all seemed to gel around a common purpose of being on the retreat. I liked the way people were open and friendly - up for going for a walk, or a chat, but respected privacy if you wanted to sit quietly or read. We had lots of laughs, especially at the mealtimes which were a lovely way to come together, over the most delicious food! No boring abstemious meals here - there was an abundance of gorgeous tasty food.

I also had a facial and massage, in the garden yurt, which was very good. The silent walk we did on the last day was a highlight - across the stunning cliff paths, really dramatic scenery. The brisk pace and peace made for a meditative and uplifting walk."


Kimberley Rayman (Amazing Mum of Three & Life Coach), Wimbledon

Lauren's yoga retreat was a wonderful and re - energising weekend for both body and soul.  Going alone I was quite anxious, would I be able to keep up with the yoga classes on offer, would I worry about leaving the children...

My worries were misplaced as the weekend was a perfect tonic of well balanced yoga classes, free time and an abundance of food.   In particular I valued the silent mornings which Lauren introduced which allowed us all to be just free.  

Lauren's unique talent to provide an intention for each yoga practice gave me a place to focus on each session and the free time allowed me to have some well needed  introspective time.

My highlight of the weekend was the silent walk on the Sunday morning . We walked alone with our thoughts and stunning scenery but yet we were not alone!  We all respected each others  space and each others silence. 

Lauren's yoga retreat was a gift of her commitment and caring nature to yoga and her students.  I am truly blessed to have her in my life."

Priti Chapman-Dawe (Supermum & Housewife), Wimbledon

"I spent a weekend on a yoga retreat with Lauren Grové, a lovely friend and fantastic yoga teacher. It was a perfect weekend with lots of yoga, seaside walks and some rather delicious homemade vegetarian food. Florence House, on the brow of Seaford Head, East Sussex is surrounded by wild landscape and sea air; and unsurprisingly it is a very popular venue for such retreats . It was a great way for me to slow down and catch my breath again after the eventful summer. Of course, I couldn’t leave my camera home and spent some time wondering around this beautiful area."

Eva Tarnok (Photographer), Colliers Wood